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Thanks, Judd!

Wow! I was very lucky to work on Judd's sets. I learned so much about filmmaking and directing by being there and will always be grateful. The quotes from him the last few days have meant so much to me.

From Judd Apatow on Revealing the Real Garry Shandling and Directing Stormy Daniels:

Matt Wilstein with The Daily Beast: Shifting gears, I have to ask you about Stormy Daniels, who I believe has appeared in two of your films—The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up—which both came out around the time of her alleged affair with Trump. What did you make of her at that time and what has it been like for you to see all of this unfold?

Judd Apatow: I just remember that she was very smart and really strong and funny, to the point where we kept asking her to do silly things in our movies. I think the story has not even begun to be told. It feels like there’s probably a lot more Stormy Daniels out there that we’re going to hear from. What’s really troubling about it is it’s somebody who does what he wants to do and thinks he can throw money at people and make them disappear. He doesn’t have a lot of morality in how he deals with his family. I mean, he had two affairs in one weekend right after his wife gave birth! And I think that troubles all of us because he’s someone that we all look to to help us and protect us. And it doesn’t seem like that’s his top priority. He’s clearly a selfish, dishonest person and that’s troubling.

The 60 Minutes Interview and Extras

In case you missed 60 Minutes last night, here's a link to the complete interview:
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And here's links to the bonus/extra clips:
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60 Minutes Snack Food Suggestions

Question: What snack foods do you recommend for watching you on 60 Minutes tomorrow night? Nachos and wings feel so January, you know?
Answer: Tacos and mini corndogs just seems so right...and yet, so wrong. I believe the more traditional choice is popcorn, however 🍿

60 Minutes Sunday

I'm sure that everyone has heard by now that I'll be on 60 Minutes Sunday night 🤭 Check Local Listings - It's Must See TV!

BTW the rumors that I've been getting paid for these interviews is false! I was NOT paid a dime for the interview with 60 Minutes (or anything else relating to telling this story)